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Into the Woods

Into the Woods and Into the Woods Jr Show Package

Below is the package of rentable items for the show. Additional pictures and details are available upon request. Contact us for quotes for renting one, multiple, or all items in the show package.

Forest Backdrop

  • Made of commercial vinyl material.​ Roughly 40' wide by 14' high, grommets along top of drop, designed by Angie Bemus

  • This drop is cut down the middle, allowing entrances to be made through the center or be hung on a traveling track to come on and off stage

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $250, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $300, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). 

Set Pieces

You can fly on stage and off!

  • Townhouses. Total of three at approximately 8 feet high, filling a total 25 feet on stage. Each house is on wheels for ease of coming on and off stage.

  • Rapunzel's tower, rolls on with wheels with hidden steps from behind

  • Additional wooden and mesh trees available based on location and type of use, contact us for into

  • Rental Rate: $500 for two weeks (based on availability) (not including trees). Encouraging local pick ups only as shipping rates will be high. Any shipping or transportation costs will be included in your rental contract.

Milky White Puppet

The cow as white as milk now on stage!

  • Rolling Milky White unit, roughly 5ft long and 2.5ft tall

  • Rope around neck for pulling on stage and throughout scenes

  • Mouth opens for the feeding, feet have attached wheels

  • Rental Rate: $250 for two weeks (based on availability). Milky White is too big to ship, she is available for local pick up only.

Cinderella Wig

  • Cinderella's transforming wig works for both in the rags and the riches parts of the show. Held together with Cinderella's scarf, the transformation scene makes life easy for you with a quick adjustment hiding behind the carriage or offstage. Scarf attachment is magnetic 

  • Wig originally designed by Kitty Lipski in July 2021

  • Wig is built to fit actresses ages 7 to 15. Each wig comes with a wig head for dressing rooms.

  • Wig caps and wig pins are not included. Reminder to never put Bobby pins into a lace front wig. Only wig pins. Instructional videos will be sent after contract has been executed.

  • Rental Rate: $225 plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). If restyling required, an extra fee will be added. Rental rate includes video training with an OFC team member. This includes safety instructions