Spaces Available to Host Your Event

  • Ideal for theatrical events, fundraisers, business meetings, and presentations

  • 260 brand-new theatre seats, including accessible and handicap seating

  • Stage dimensions: 56' (w) by 20' (d) 

  • Sizeable raised wings for easy set changes and lower wings for extra storage, quick-change space, and pit-bands. Wings are the areas hidden behind the curtains for entrances/exits

  • Rental of Main Stage, unless otherwise indicated, includes use of main first floor dressing room and lobby

  • Additional dressing room available upon request

  • ADA accessible ramp to the stage (on stage right)

  • FM loop system for hearing aids

  • ASL Interpreters available on request through Hands-In Entertainment

  • Snacks and beverages may be taken into the theatre

  • "Seat Service" available, where bartenders come to audience seats to take and serve orders

  • Recently upgraded air conditioning and heat system

  • Newly installed HEPA filters to battle the spread of COVID-19

  • Additional larger bathrooms connected to theatre with access for actors from backstage, but intended for audience use

  • Floor plan and lighting plot available upon request

  • Additional scenic drops, stage curtains (including sparkle curtain and opera drapes), marley dance floor, and more are available to rent upon request.

  • New stage curtains including main drape, mid traveler, and back traveler as well as teasers and backstage masking. A new fourth traveling curtain is upstage behind the mid that a drop or curtain of your choice can be installed on. Traveling curtains provide you options for different stage sizes and hiding set pieces. Swivel masking curtains are positioned between the main and mid as well as between the mid and upstage curtains.

  • Additional rigged bars are hung above the stage for creative use of stage drops - One bar behind mid-traveler and one bar behind back traveler. Must use ladder to hang/remove drops. A scenery track is positioned downstage left and downstage right (18ft each), and can be used to hang set pieces, practical lights 

  • 37ft projection movie screen (from a former movie theatre) mounted back of stage

  • Professional 8000 ANSI lumen projector pre-mounted

  • Four movable stair units lead up to the stage from the wings, a fifth portable unit can be positioned to the front of the stage leading from the aisle (for audience entrances)

  • Over 60 theatrical lighting instruments and Chauvet Intimidator moving lights are hung over the audience and above the stage. A full sound system will soon be rigged in front of the curtains and backstage monitors. OFC's tech inventory is continuously being updated

  • Two spotlights available from center tech booth

  • Ideal for cabarets, silent auctions, dinner theatre, receptions, dinners/lunches, and social hour

  • Comfortably fits 55-70 people, max capacity of 100

  • Baby grand piano on raised stage

  • Beer and wine bar with concessions

  • Three connected unisex ADA accessible bathrooms 

  • Configurations with high-top tables with stools or low-top tables with chairs (with linens) available for rent

  • Theatrical lighting for mini performances

  • Blackout curtains for front windows to create "performance" darkness as needed

  • Connected to our 750-spot parking lot

  • Recently upgraded air conditioning and heat system

  • HEPA filtered

  • Floor plan for table and event layout planning is available upon request

  • Ideal for costume changes, show prep, meetings, and small rehearsals

  • Comfortably fits 22 actors, each with their own "station." Max capacity of 30 with added seating

  • 23 NEW dressing room mirrors with vanity lights

  • Counter tops for actor stations and wig-prep station

  • Connected backstage left for stage entrances and connected to shared audience bathrooms

  • Connecting staircase to Second Floor Dance Studio

  • 25 standard black folding chairs or metal padded chairs included in space

  • Recently upgraded air conditioning and heat system

  • HEPA filtered

  • Connecting utility closet for building services

  • Ideal space for show rehearsals, classes, meetings, costume changes, and mini performances

  • Comfortably fits 25-35 people, max occupancy of 50 people

  • Set on second floor of OFCTC, a useable dance space: 35' (w) by 20' (d), roughly size of main stage, minus the wings

  • 33' (w) of wall-mounted mirrors to rehearse

  • Connecting staircase into the green room (directly below)

  • Multipurpose room can be used as additional dressing room space for large cast shows

  • Private lesson studio (across the hall), comfortable for 2-3 individuals with upright piano. Ideal for "star" dressing room.

  • Set on the second floor of OFCTC, connecting staircase to backstage left for stage entrances

  • 20 standard black folding chairs included in use of second floor

  • Recently installed new air conditioning and heat system

  • Both rooms are HEPA filtered

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