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Spongebob Musical and Youth Edition Show Package


Below is the package of rentable items for the show. Additional pictures and details are available upon request. Contact us for quotes for renting one, multiple, or all items in the show package.

Gary the Snail Puppet

Crawl, roll, or just meow onto stage with Spongebob the Musical's Gary the Snail!

  • Custom built puppet/prop for the first production of Spongebob the Musical in Rochester, NY

  • Gary the Snail comes roughly one foot tall, mounted to a rolling skateboard. Most of Gary was 3D printed and may require heavy duty glue during accidents

  • Gary the Snail will need to be pushed on from the wings to get him on stage. Actors may pick him up by the skateboard, but he does not move on his own. Gary's eyes now wiggle with springs.

  • There are currently 2 Gary puppets available 

  • Rental Rate: $150 plus shipping (est $60) for two weeks (based on availability)Rental rate includes video training with an OFC team member. This includes safety instructions and written storage instructions

Set Pieces

Bring Bikini Bottom to life with each of the iconic show pieces

  • Pineapple House (est 6ft), Squidward House (est 6ft), Rock House (est 4ft). Made of foam board with applicable handles on back

  • Standing Krusty Krab sign (est 7ft, foam top) and Karen Computer (est 7ft), both on wheels to be rolled on stage by actors. Karen Computer lights up with applicable batteries

  • Chum Bucket (est 5ft) stands on own with applicable back braces (for puppet entrance), made of foam and wood bracing

  • Assorted pieces: Sand dune, underwater stage cubes, hanging seaweed (2); coral (2); grotto. Note that removing these pieces from rental package will not impact the price

  • Prop pieces available including 6x4 UV painted wooden sponge cut outs (used for Simple Sponge dance), and pink umbrella Jelly Fish characters (used for Hero Is My Middle Name dance/scene)

  • Rental Rate: $600 for two weeks (based on availability). Encouraging local pick ups only as shipping rates will be high. Any shipping or transportation costs will be included in your rental contract.

Underwater Backdrop

  • Made of commercial vinyl material. Roughly 40' wide by 14' high, grommets along top of drop, designed by Kitty Lipski

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $300, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $400, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). 

Costume Package

  • Named character costumes included: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Plankton, Pearl, Mr. Krabs, Karen, Larry, Sandy, Patchy, Mrs. Puff, Anchorman, Old Man. Different size options available.

  • Ensemble costumes included: inflatable burger and Krusty Krab hats, “Not a Loser” costumes, “Savior Star” costumes, Punk rock.

  • Costumes can be altered and hemmed, but other changes need to be approved in writing in advance.

  • Please note, Squidward costume rented separately (see below)

  • Travels in 6 bins,1 for Squidward (see below)

  • Contact us for a full inventory.

  • Rental Rate: $575 plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability).