top of page is a branch of OFC Creations, proudly based in Rochester, NY. Since its inception, OFC has focused on unique projects connecting the community with professional and educational based theatre programs. 

Our team is now expanding our community connections in not only our Greater Rochester Area but to production companies across the country, and even across the globe.

Many of OFC's specialty design elements have been seen in musical theatre productions in California, Nevada, New York, South Carolina, and beyond. 

In 2020, the brand new OFC Creations Theatre Center opened in Rochester, NY with a 260-seat theatre, a large lobby and lounge for social gatherings, a dance studio, breakout rooms, and more. The space is available for community groups and out of town acts to present shows, hold business meetings, or host any type of event. In the short time OFC's performing center has been open (while working around pandemic limitations) countless events have taken place including dance recitals, summer camps, fundraisers, ballet performances, concerts, weddings, and more.

In OFC's expansion a wide number of costumes, puppets, and set pieces have been created to bring our productions to life for countless performers and audience members to enjoy. Now these elements have been packaged to share with your audiences, no matter if you are local to the Rochester area, or if you are across the country. 

But we're just getting started! New backdrops, costumes, puppets, and more are always being built and added to our collection. Looking for something else? Let us know! We can't wait to put on a show together!

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