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Anastasia & Anastasia Youth Edition Packages

Below is the package of rentable items for the show. Additional pictures and details are available upon request. Contact us for quotes for renting one, multiple, or all items in the show package.

Costume Package

  • Named character costumes included:
    Anya, Dowager Empress, Countess Lily, Young Anya, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsar Nicholas, Romanov Family sisters

  • Ensemble costumes included: Romanov  Royal Court , Russian Army officers, parisian

  • Costumes designed by Stephanie Roberts in Rochester NY  November  2023

  • Costumes are built to fit actors ages 7 to adult. Basic alterations and hemming is OK, additional changes need to be approved in writing in advance. Please no cutting of costumes

  • Package travels in 3 boxes; Contact us for a full inventory.

  • Rental Rate: $400 plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). Inventory list included.

Set Pieces

  • Eight columns (six of them are 13 feet each, two are shorter), with applicable drapery

  • Rolling bed unit

  • 4 candelabras (5ft tall each), applicable lair themed blocks available for standing candelabras taller

  • 2 manger-office chandeliers, 1 dressing room chandelier with applicable drapery

  • Rental Rate: Contact us for rates
    Encouraging local pick ups only as shipping rates will be high. Any shipping or transportation costs will be included in your rental contract.

Sunset Drop

  • Made of commercial vinyl material. Roughly 40' wide by 14' high, grommets along top of drop, designed by Kitty Lipski

  • Ideally used for productions of Anastasia, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and more

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $300, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $400, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). 

Red Opera Curtain

  • ​Velour fabric, created by Syracuse Scenery. Two traveling curtains, each curtain is 13' high by 29' 

  • Optional valance 1" 6" high x 56'0"

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $350, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $500, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability).