The Little Mermaid 

The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid Jr Show Package

Below is the package of rentable items for the show. Additional pictures and details are available upon request. Contact us for quotes for renting one, multiple, or all items in the show package.

Ariel Wig

The iconic red Ariel wig without the look of a halloween costume

  • Wig built to fit actors ages 7 to 15. Each wig comes with a wig head for dressing rooms.

  • Wig caps and wig pins are not included. Reminder to never put Bobby pins into a lace front wig. Only wig pins. Instructional videos will be sent after contract has been executed.

  • Wig originally designed by Kitty Lipski

  • Rental Rate: $100 plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability)Rental rate includes video training with an OFC team member. This includes safety instructions and written storage instructions

Set Pieces

Journey under the sea with each of piece of The Little Mermaid

  • Large Ariel's grotto with shelves and two attached places to sit. Splits into two pieces for storing backstage

  • Beach landscape with applicable bracing for characters to stand behind or in front of. Made of foam, roughly 4 feet long

  • Prince Eric's ship. Made of foam, roughly 12 feet long

  • Two hanging seaweed valance hangings (grommeted along top)

  • Kiss the Girl boat - can easily hold 2 people, pushed/pulled by hand while on wheels

  • Rental Rate: $500 for two weeks (based on availability). Encouraging local pick ups only as shipping rates will be high. Any shipping or transportation costs will be included in your rental contract.

Costume Package

  • Originally used for kids and teen production. Has a wide range of sizes. Included in this package is all the leads with options, seagulls, sailors, fish, jellyfish, chefs, eels. This package has everything needed for a Little Mermaid Production.

  • Contact us for a full inventory.

  • Package travels in 7 boxes

  • Rental Rate: TBD

Underwater Backdrop

  • ​Roughly 40' wide by 12.5' high, grommets along top of drop, designed by Kitty Lipski

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $300, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $400, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). 

Red Opera Curtain

  • ​Velour fabric, created by Syracuse Scenery. Two traveling curtains, each curtain is 13' high by 29' 

  • Optional valance 1" 6" high x 56'0"

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $350, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $500, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). 

You May Want Additional Equipment Including:

Professional Antari B-200 Bubble Machines (2) (for lines at end of show, and production numbers)

Confetti Cannons (for end of finale)

Find our more on additional equipment HERE

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