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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Jr & KIDS Show Package

Below is the package of rentable items for the show. Additional pictures and details are available upon request. Contact us for quotes for renting one, multiple, or all items in the show package.

Set Pieces

The Big Blue World comes to life with each of these pieces!

  • One giant scuba diver mask, made of foam frame and plexiglass. On the back is an attached strap with the ownership title

  • Three 6-8ft Tikis for the Fish Tank. On wheeled wagons for easily coming on and off stage

  • Free standing window for the Nigel entrances

  • Assorted pieces: Sand dune, underwater stage cubes, hanging seaweed (2); coral (2); grotto. Note that removing these pieces from rental package will not impact the price

  • Rental Rate: $430 for two weeks (based on availability). Encouraging local pick ups only as shipping rates will be high. Any shipping or transportation costs will be included in your rental contract.

Underwater Backdrop

  • Made of commercial vinyl material. Roughly 40' wide by 14' high, grommets along top of drop, designed by Kitty Lipski

  • Onsite OFCTC Rental Rate: $300, plus labor to hang

  • Offsite Rental Rate: $400, plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability). 

Costume Package

  • Originally used for elementary school and middle school aged students, this package includes sizes ranging from children’s medium, through adult 2XL. 

  • Rental package includes three separate clownfish costumes with soft headpieces w/ fins for Marlon, Coral, and Nemo. All costumes are OS Youth, and will likely fit up to size 14/16.

  • Package includes one Disney licensed “Dory” costume, with hood. Costume is OS Youth and will likely fit up to a size 10/12.

  • This package includes sea turtle costumes for the four named turtles (Crush, Squirt, Kai, & Breeze), and roughly 26 additional ensemble sea turtle costumes. 

  • Package includes 4 green camo helmets, 4 foam turtle shells with painted flowers, and 4 green long sleeve shirts with turtle shell decals (ranging in sizes from Kids S to Kids XL) for Crush, Squirt, Kai, and Breeze.

  • Additionally, this package includes 26 dark green beanies, 30 foam turtle shells, 30 pairs of green basketball shorts (ranging in sizes from Boys S to Mens XXL), 30 long sleeve green crew neck shirts (ranging in sizes from Youth M to Adult XXL), and 28 pairs of tan knee socks. 

  • Rental package includes 7 shark fins with elastic straps, and 3 felt shark headpieces. 

  • Package includes 6 Bubble Style Small Umbrellas w/ Incandescent Purple Jellyfish "Coverings". 

  • This rental package also includes additional character-specific pieces for supporting performers in Finding Nemo, including:
    Blue “isis wings” cape with plastic pole inserts for Professor Ray. Pink spandex dance costume dress (w/ leotard) & pink tentacles for Pearl, and a pink sequin halter neck dance dress with pink tentacles for Pearl’s parent. Maroon seahorse headpiece for Sheldon. Plush starfish costume with pink felt and character face, for Peach. Parasol-style tan fabric “puffer fish” umbrella with face for the character of Bloat. Bright yellow biketard and tights in girls size 10/12 for the character of Bubbles. 


  • Costume for the character Gill included in package features Black One Shoulder Spandex Tattered Dress w/ Yellow Accents and biketard (girls XL), black & white pattern leggings (womens M), and two arm sleeve "fins", w/ one "bad fin" (tattered). 

  • Package includes black spandex morph suit (turtleneck, no face covering) in youth M, and scuba mask for the “Scuba Mask Dancer”.

  • Costume rental includes one “Barracuda” headpiece. And one “Grouper Fish” headpiece.

  • Contact us for a full inventory. This package does not include the Moonfish Puppets, see below.

  • Rental Rate: $375 plus shipping for two weeks (based on availability).

Moonfish Puppets

Look no further for Moonfish Puppets while you are Finding Nemo!

  • 20 hand puppets are 15 inches long and 9 inches high.

  • Puppets have slightly varying designs, but all are held with one hole for hand control

  • Rental Rate: $225 for two weeks (based on availability). Shipping available